Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tuesday Time Out Linky Party

This week, I'm co-hosting the Tuesday Time Out Party with Reasons To Skip The Housework!  Feel free to link up here or there, the party will show up on both of our blogs!  
Have fun!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Nursing Cover Straps

Today I'm sharing another baby project. Seeing a trend? Yeah, I'll probably be sharing many baby-related ideas for the next 10-ish weeks while I wait for Baby #2 to make his debut. I'm nesting in all kinds of ways but my biggest urge is to make all things blue, cutesy, button-laden, and owl-themed for my littlest "O" baby. Although I do have some projects in mind for my bigger "O" baby too!

Anyway, on to the fun. I got this genius idea for nursing cover clips from Ashley at Make It and Love It. I tweaked mine a bit but the idea is the same. These straps turn any blanket into a nursing cover! So all you have to do is pack one of these in your diaper bag and then clip it onto your baby's blanket when he's ready to eat. Freaking brilliant!

Sorry about the image quality. I use my phone and I sew at night after the kiddo's in bed, so no natural light. Terrible combo for picture-taking.

For this project you will need:
   -Soft fabric (I used flannel--it comes it tons of cute prints and will be comfy around my neck. Plus it's cheap!)
   -Suspender clips
   -Basics for sewing

First I cut out two strips of flannel that were each 1.5 inches by 22 inches and pinned them right-sides together.

Next, I sewed up each of the long sides using a 1/4in seam allowance. Then I turned my tube inside-out.

Then I just ironed it flat with the seams on the sides to make sure it was nice and smooth.

I zig-zagged the ends and snipped off the excess.

Yep. I'm, like, really bad at that. Workin' on it.

And finally I just attached a suspender clip to each end and sewed it down.

And, gee, that's it! I plan on making a few more of these so I always have one on hand. I am so obsessed with this idea....and the best part is that it's so easy!

Happy weekend, everyone!


Monday, March 19, 2012

Pacifier Clips

This week I needed an easy project to try out my first-ever sewing machine. I purchased the Brother Sew Advance Sew Affordable machine from Amazon. So far it's definitely advanced enough for me, and was an awesome price. So it's living up to its name!

Anyway, I decided on some pacifier clips as my easy starter. I've looked at a few tutorials and I kind of threw together some ideas I found from those to make what I wanted. All of those tutorials used strips of fabric and interfacing, but I thought ribbon would be so much easier! So I picked up a couple different spools.

For this project, I used:
    -1 inch ribbon
    -Suspender clips
...and that's it! Besides basics for sewing.

First I cut a strip of ribbon that was 12 inches long. You may want yours a little longer or a little shorter. To be honest I mostly just guessed since Baby Oscar won't be here for a couple more months and I just can't remember how big (or tiny) a newborn actually is. So we'll see how my measurements work out.

Can you tell I'm a newbie?

Next I made a small hem at each end of the ribbon. Actually, I only did this with the first one and just heat-sealed the rest (with a lighter). You can do whichever works best for you. The ones without the hem were easier. Obviously.

Then I sewed a small square of velcro at one end. A couple inches under that, I sewed on the other side of velcro. I sewed around the squares and then sewed an x in the middle of each to make it really secure.

The last step was to simply slide the ribbon through the suspender clip and sew it down. See? Easy peasy! I found these clips on Amazon for about $0.75 each (including shipping!). They were a great buy compared to the $1.50/clip I would've spent at the fabric store.

I made this cute owl one too. With this one I just heat-sealed the ends, so they are less bulky. In case you are wondering, both ribbons I used are Offray brand and I found them at Joann!

So there you have a super-easy, super-cute, super-fun pacifier clip. Make one or make a billion. Make 'em for your kid or your grandkid or your cousin's kid (or your neighbor's kid, or her friend's kid...). They're an awesome, fun project!

If you'd like to share your own ideas for a paci clip, go right ahead! I'd love to see your blogs. And if you have any amazing advice for a sewing super-novice, I want it! Thank you so much!